Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance, or burial insurance, is meant to cover the cost of funeral and burial services like the prepaid plans. Final expense insurance can also help cover outstanding debts, probate fees, and other remaining expenses. This type of life insurance also allows you to choose your beneficiary and final expense benefit goes straight to the beneficiary you choose. Final expense insurance can be purchased as either a term or whole life policy.

You won’t be required to take a medical exam to receive coverage, and your policy won’t be canceled due to changes in health. Final expense insurance is available to those in poor health with graded benefits, meaning only a portion of your policy will be available for the first few years of coverage.

You can borrow against the tax-deferred dividend value of your final expense policy. This means that in addition to preparing for your family’s financial future, you’ll also have an accessible line of credit in case of emergency.

Just a re-cap. Policy pays a beneficiary designated by you to pay your funeral expenses and other expenses and allows you to choose the funeral home. In other words, it is flexible to your final plans. You are not locked into a funeral home or a location. Things change and you should be able to change, if necessary.
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